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Akhtar named two possible "contenders" for Jonas' heart, the first being Gomez. Now that Selena Gomez is single, whenever she hangs out with or steps out with a male friend, people instantly think they are dating.She had to shut down the rumors when she was hanging out with Charlie Puth, and now she's talking about the time she was spotted out with her ex boyfriend, Nick Jonas.SAVE MERGE Would you like to make it the primary and merge this question into it. Selena Gomez and Nick Jonas are rumored to have dated in the past, but they are no longer together. MERGE Merge this question into SAVE Confidence votes 3. Now, a source confirms to PEOPLE that Jonas, 15, and Gomez, 16, are an item, saying, “They’ve been dating for months.”.

Amongst the nearly dozen guys that Selena has been linked to over the course of the last few months – Nick Jonas was rotated through as well.Earlier this week, dating rumors hit the internet after Nick Jonas and Kate Hudson were spotted together in Florida on three different dates in one weekend.Nick didn’t exactly deny his new relationship, as a matter of fact he all but confirmed it.To be my ‘best self’ without the physical and personal flaws that he'd encounter face to face.” For those who instigate and sustain a relationship with a man imprisoned for a lengthy period of time, physical contact is obviously limited.They often never progress beyond the courting stage.“While we were slow dancing, my crush and I had our first kiss,” Gomez, 16, tells Twist magazine in its September issue.

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