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The character has not left the mansion since the disappearance of her husband a decade earlier.” Meanwhile, Deadline reports that Helena Bonham Carter (again, who else) is in talks to play “Hoffman, a specialist in psychology and rare blood disorders who moves into Collinwood.While she initially is a threat to the vampire Barnabas, she eventually becomes his ally, who might be able to cure him of his thirst for blood.” Jackie Earle Haley, Eva Green, and Bella Heathcote have signed on to the project in the previous weeks.

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Meanwhile, Angelique makes a grand appearance in order to see Barnabas.Victoria does not divulge that since her young age she, too, can see ghosts.After meeting with David, his live-in psychiatrist Julia Hoffman (Helena Bonham Carter), his father Roger (Jonny Lee Miller), and Elizabeth's rebellious daughter Carolyn (Chloë Grace Moretz), Victoria is hired by Elizabeth.In 1972 (that is, 196 years later), a young Maggie Evans (also Bella Heathcote), under the assumed identity of "Victoria Winters", applies for a job as a governess at Collinwood and meets with the current reclusive matriarch, Elizabeth Collins Stoddard (Michelle Pfeiffer).Her nephew David (Gully Mc Grath), for whom Victoria will be caring, believes his mother, who drowned in a boating accident, still visits him.In a fit of grief, Barnabas attempts to leap to his own death but fails, as Angelique curses him to the immortal life of a vampire.

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