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True book lovers will understand what I mean by "just in case." I love reading on my Kindle.

However, because I am a book fiend, I still have books that have not been read, which are strewn all over my house. One of them was a Christian fantasy called The Light of Eidon by Karen Hancock link.

I expect to be an old and confused lady living in a protective Alzheimer's Unit muttering about CJ Mahaney and demanding that they play reruns of The protagonist of the book is a young man, Abramm, who was born to be a king in his world.On my recent vacation, my husband forgot his Kindle and confiscated mine to read Killing Lincoln.I did not mind since I had brought along a few books to read, just in case.But, he gave it all up to devote himself to pursuing a vocation as a religious leader.He entered a religious order and spent eight difficult years during which he was devoted to learning how to become worthy enough to touch and tend the Sacred Flames of Eidon, around which the faith of that world revolved.In the midst of his suffering, he begins to find the truth.

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