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It looks like the email we have in your account is invalid. How and when did two of the brightest stars fall in love? On May 20, a huge surprise was posted to the official Weibo account of Wallace Huo's Huajie Studio. They even declared it via social media to millions of fans.The post stated, "Hua said: Hope to get everyone's blessing @Ruby Lin" Hua is short for Wallace's Chinese name, Huo Jianhua. For a real-life romance involving actors, the two stars have been moving in parallel lines which have converged ever so slowly to finally come together in love.He decides to protect Chi Ho and soon the two become good friends.Chi Ho finds out about Eagle's past and realizes that his bad rep from his previous schools comes from fighting while protecting the weak from bullies.

Please update this to complete the sign-up process. For the usually shy leading man, his romantic confession came out in a very public way and stunned fans of Chinese dramas everywhere. Simply and clearly: Wallace Huo and Ruby Lin are in love!

One day another new student with a bad rep sheet arrives, Eagle (Takeshi Kaneshiro).

He has been expelled from all his previous schools.

May 20 actually has a special meaning for Chinese speakers, as 5-20 is a play on "I Love You" in Chinese. It's taken them 10 years to turn friendship to love.

Despite Wallace Huo's many romantic roles and his prominent status as one of the top leading men in China, this is only the second time that he has ever acknowledged a relationship.

) is a 1995 Taiwan teen drama film distributed for Hong Kong.

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