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"You can't do anything about such things and I try not to let intrusion worry me.

But I'd always thought that when I did begin a new relationship, it would be nice to do it without it being reported, particularly in the early stages." Jennifer's clearly achieved that level of anonymity with husband Michael, of whom she says, "I don't want to talk about him much because he deserves his own privacy.

The modern day characters are investigating whether Christabel had an affair with Queen Victoria's poet laureate Randolph Henry Ash, a married man, played by Jeremy Northam.

"It was a great cast and a wonderful romance, which was hard to resist," says Jennifer, who admits to being an incurable romantic in real life.

But when I had to make a choice of whether to spend my adult life in Britain or America, I chose London.

"I thought it would be a nicer city to be unemployed in as an actor rather than New York or Los Angeles.

I decided to go to drama school at the age of 15 and everything I did in life was working towards that goal. I am not so driven these days." Jennifer's life has been one of constant change as she switched between England and her native America with her parents. "I also spent a couple of years in London from the age of 11.

To date, her film career has struggled to take off, despite acclaimed performances in This Year's Love and Sunshine, with Ralph Fiennes.The way our so-called `affair' was reported was so wrong.We were two single people in a proper relationship which ended."I never say to myself that I will be acting forever."What I am trying to figure out is why I feel very different now to how I did 10 years ago."It seems that so far as my career goes, I am either struggling to keep my head above water or sitting on a desert island, basking in the sunshine." Yet Jennifer had plenty of warning about how tough her chosen profession could be from her actress mother.

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