Japanese men dating dolls

When the spark went out of Masayuki Ozaki’s marriage, he found an unusual outlet to plug the romantic void -- a silicone sex doll he swears is the love of his life.The life-size dummy, called Mayu, shares his bed under the same roof as Ozaki’s wife and teenage daughter in Tokyo, an arrangement that triggered angry rows before a delicate truce was finally declared.They belong to me 100 percent,” says the engineer who has spent more than 2 million yen (,000) over the past decade on the dolls.

“My wife was furious when I first brought Mayu home.“I’ll never date a real woman again -- they’re heartless,” he insisted back at his cluttered Tokyo apartment, sandwiched between two dolls from previous dalliances and a headless rubber torso.Reconciliation with his estranged wife is unlikely, admits Nakajima.“People always want something from you -- like money or commitment,” he complained.“My heart flutters when I come home to Saori,” added the married father-of-two as he picnicked with his plastic partner.Many have parted lips, prominent breasts and are shown splayed across beds or chairs in poses similar to those adopted by prostitutes in sex shops.

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