James lafferty who is he dating

Even one of his cast-mates on One Tree Hill, whose ex-wife hooked up with Lafferty, says: ‘James and I are friends.We’re a tight little group.’ And last night, even the mother of another ex of his gushed that he was ‘an amazing young man’.Thank you a million times for having me along for the ride, fellas." "Thank you also to the family and friends that supported last night (including @stephencolletti, who I just ripped this pic from)," James added, giving a shout-out to his former co-star Stephen Colletti, who was in attendance to show his support. "If you haven't already caught the film on Directv, look out for it in theaters (sweet) and on demand January 19th. The Blacktail is also available in Damascus steel with sandalwood scales (MSRP .99 with 3.0-inch blade and leather sheath) and with stag scales (MSRP 4.92 – priced now at 5.99 with 3.2-inch blade and leather sheath).…star hit the red carpet at the event held at the Vista Theatre on Wednesday (January 10) in Los Angeles.And it’s happening when she is just starting to build her own career, appearing in a cameo in The Script’s new music video and starring alongside Sean Penn and Francis Mc Dormand in the indie film This Must Be The Place.

For her new boyfriend, TV star James Lafferty, is nothing if not a charmer – but one with a deeply cynical attitude to using that charm, who has left a trail of romantic carnage in his wake.Indeed, just this week, in response to the publicity over his Leopardstown canoodling with Eve, Lafferty seemed somewhat upset that the relationship had been rumbled, tweeting about that awkward moment when ‘your personal life goes out into the public’.It seems he had hitherto been successful at keeping the dalliance under wraps, for reasons best known to himself.It’s no wonder the One Tree Hill star, who is six years her senior, managed to schmooze his way into the bosom of the Hewson family – and into their private box at Leopardstown this week.For even those he has crossed in love hardly have a bad word to say about him.But whether Lafferty is about to carve Eve’s name in his tree remains to be seen.

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