Is she dating other guys error consolidating itunes library


Since 1998, So Suave has been offering only the best tips on how to meet, date and attract incredible women.If this is your first visit I would suggest you start here. After talking with a man in chat yesterday I wanted to make this post.

Eevn if the girls interest level is -1 there is still always a chance.... If she is single, and he wants her, he should go after her no matter what sign she displays. Second Note For the below to remain true, the 'examples' MUST be initiated by the WHOA-man. "This should be written in stone: When she does girl-talk, you become her girly-friend. Women don't do that because we are used to being the one that gets pursued. Every one should recieve a regular shot of "pook" to keep them on the right track (DJ-DOM) and avoid the wrong one (CHUMPDOM). I have always been a little shaky when women bring up other guys but you cleared it up. Like you said if she is doing things for you..showing you signs of interest and she says something about another guy.. On the other side, if you have been going out w/ her for awhile and she is not calling as much, always busy..showing signes of a low interest level.she brings up another guy...For instance, just recently a certain girl in college seemed to be showing an interest in me, so I got her number.But it also happened to be the same number of a guy whom I know is also a college student.Most likely this is the guy she likes now..she will be dumping you real soon..... I'm saying that if she makse comments like "Toby has been flirting with me an awful lot lately.I think he might like me." or "Josh keeps asking me out.I, and I'm sure many others here, do NOT tell a chick outright that "Hey, so-and-so has been pestering me for a date" or "so-and-so always calls me and asks me out". If a chick keeps banging on about this guy who wants to date her, and that guy who always calls for a date, she's doing nothing but trying to brag about a probably non-existent social situation. Think back to your AFC days guys..would NEVER tell your pedestal-nazi that this other girl may have the hots for you. A girl who is interested in you will also know not to bring up the subject in such a blatant way as she too knows it would annoy you. Originally posted by Jwheatly: Wyldfyre has a point.

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