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I had a conversation with a man who thought it wasn't appropriate to introduce children into a relationship before at least two years, to make sure the relationship was working first....

That being said, I don't see setting any kind of minimum of when to meet children in a relationship.

Who is to say that 2 years is the yardsick for determining if a relationship is serious or not?

if he/she is comfortable with children the meeting will be much smoother and could probably happen much sooner (again depending on how the relationship is progressing)Hope everything works out for you if this is a question about a current relationship!

The daughter was 3 when we got together, 7 when we broke up.

one that no one touched on is the ages of the children....

Small children are more off the cuff resilliant but a pre-bubesence males (since that's all I know) (but probably females too),....that's a whole other animal, we as parents want to just assume that our children will be virgins until the day they get married somewhere in their 35th year,...or dad as a sexual beings is more than some can or should have to accept....

The best rule of thumb is put yourself in your childrens head space and try to remember at that age what would you want to know,....not....

Pretty perceptive for a fellow with no kids, Steve What can I say, I guess my mommy raised me right good!

The break up was sad, but the more devastating issue was my relationship with the daughter, both she and I were beside ourselves with grief as we had grown quite close.

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