I am available for sex chat on skype

------------------------------------- can you explain me american culture in these situations? @sweet1993 It isn't necessarily "normal", but it is a kind of "norm" in America. Let me explain further: America is in itself a very sexualized country.

Also tell the scammer that you've already informed all your friends and they will not receive links from strangers. Use Google Search Engine to search your name and take down any videos, just in case Popular non-porn video sites such as You Tube strictly forbids pornographic videos, once reported it is taken down in a matter of minutes and the publisher will be banned.

Remember that your friends will not in fact take it as seriously as you do and will forget it very soon.

Remember all those Hollywood stars who got a sex scandal/sex video leak? Be cautious so that you never fall in the similar traps again.

However I managed to fool the scammer by Google Image photos.

Use your leverage and counter-negotiate So here is your new negotiation terms: I have your financial details now. In my case, the scammer completely broke down when I told her that I tricked her giving finance details and has no intention to send her money.

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