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This recipe is traditionally served with home made noodles.The best way to do this is to allow the steak to sit out until reaching room temperature, then cook it on high for about 1 minute per side, the steak should be well cooked on the outside, and red but not raw on the inside, with blood oozing at the mildest touch.You can safely do this with steak because the harmful bacteria in beef that can make you sick is a surface bacteria, meaning it does not exist all through out the inside of the meat.Plus if it’s to the point of you vamping out and also shaking, animals’ blood does work but it takes more to get the same effect that you would get from human blood.The thing is, animals blood is a lot easier and a lot safer to use.Stew meat is a good source for blood, steak cooked rare is effective preferably red inside but not raw and cooked on the outside, liver gross as it tastes is packaged in a lot of blood and is cheap, but keep in mind its cheap because the blood has been soaking in liver for awhile and tastes gross although it is effective, lambs blood tastes closest to human blood but it can be expensive to buy the leg of lamb to get the blood, however it is safe to drink.

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