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To the far left and in the distance is the station pilot, An Ivatt 2-6-0 possibly 46416.

(Below) Many other types of trains could be seen at Rochdale, from the numerous coal and van freights, local parcels and the daily Scotswood-Redbank Newspaper train.

Click here to visit Barry Hilton's 'Rail Cameraman' page featuring 'Railways Around Rochdale'.

One of the greatest railway photographers of his generation is ER Morten, whose classic shots of Southport in 1939 are a poignant reminder of vintage steam days at the once-thriving Lancashire seaside resort.

Other engines to be seen on freights at this time were Newton Heath's Standard 9Fs Nos 92161/2, Hughes LMS design 2-6-0 Crabs, such as 42700 from Bury (26D) on local passenger trains, and an occasional ex-Midland 4F, ex- LNW G2a 'Wessy Ds' such as 49199 and the increasingly rare Fowler ex-LMS 7Fs No 49668.

Here Stanier Class 8F No 48382 is seen approaching Rochdale station on a van train in the 'down' goods loop soon to pass the 'Fish Dock'.

The Science Museum at Swindon is a massive site housing collections ranging from the iconic Lockheed Constellation airliner to super computers, bicycles and the last Fleet Street printing press, however the NMSI's full collection is so big that only 8% of the artefacts are on public view.

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Over the years, the Regional boundaries diminished significantly as many locomotives (from an operational standpoint) worked beyond their arbitrary Regions, so in many ways it is meaningless to classify any particular class of locomotive as belonging to any one of the six Regions during the transition from steam.The rest was made up of service engines and Departmental locos.In 1948, six new BR Regions were formed, their new boundaries corresponding closely to the lines of the former 'Big Four' railway companies.On January 1st 1948, the Big Four railway companies: London North Eastern (LNER); London Midland & Scottish Railway (LMSR); Great Western Railway (GWR) and Southern Railway (SR) were amalgamated to form the new British Railways.A total of 20,211 steam locomotives were taken into State ownership consisting of: 1,838 from the SR, 3,856 from the GWR, 6,525 from the LNER, and 7,805 from the LMSR.This surviving nameplate measures 34½" long, and features the coat-of-arms and matching badge depicting the town of Southport The nameplate recently went under the hammer at a Sheffield Railwayana Auction The LYR built 330 2-4-2Ts in various sub-classes.

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