Hookup with 60 up grannies


Baesd on that idiotic expression alone, I can tell you'd be a huge disappointment to almost any woman. Go pay for a hooker if you want someone to break you in and train you. You need to get a more adult look if you want to hang with older women, which in your case might be 22-year-olds.

Women want to be pleasured, not waste time with some little boy who calls it ''stuff''should state it in your profile that you prefer older women. I also want to add that if you can't say "sex" then you are too young for or not ready for "sex."I'd agree with the other ladies about your lingo. I'd start with a new hairstyle; yours makes you look younger and more schoolboyish.

Stay cool you've got time,are ya sure this kid's not a minor??? From your age OP, I'm guessing older to you would be someone of legal age to drink. Despite what you may have heard, us older women are not desperate. mine need some good elbow grease Older women don't like it when you seek them out simply because they are old.

He wants to "do stuff" & is willing "to settle for dinner & a movie"... If you're looking for someone your Mom's age, most women will not be interested - heck even a 23 yr old would not be interested. I'd talk to them like you'd talk to any girl and not mention your older woman fetish which I really don't understand anyway.

i am very attracted to older women and wanna date and do stuff with one and hook up with one..

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