Hasidic dating

I’ve seen girls pull back their arm and apologize before realizing, “Wait, why am I apologizing for violating your stupid rule?” On the less amusing side, we have their total incompatibility with the modern world.I still don’t get how that doesn’t constitute touching. THEY TAKE STUFF OUT OF YOUR SHOPPING CART I’ve heard the upper-class Hasidim resent the ones in my neighborhood and see them as trash.

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I can’t tell you what Hasidic Jews are like or even if I like them, but I can tell you what it’s like to be them.

Sure, the top brass is male but they don’t sully themselves with the day-to-day.

I’m told we live in a patriarchy but all me and my peers see are cougars and if we don’t make them happy, we’re out of a job (yes, that has included sex).

Before moving to this area 13 years ago, I lived in Montreal, which is also lousy with Hasidim.

I have a place upstate, too, which is probably #3 as far as densest Hasidic populations go.

Anyhoo, during the interview the female coworker puts out her hand and the Hasid yanks it back while apologizing for this ancient law.

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