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From there, climb onto the wall, locate the tag and being spraying.

After all 6 tags are sprayed, get in Sweet's car (you can jump off the roof without losing any health) and drive back to the Grove to complete the mission.*After completing this mission you will recieve a phonecall from Officer Hernandez.

Sweet and Smoke are discussing the terrible state of the hood.

After all the bottles have been eliminated, use manual aim to shoot the gas tank on Emmet's car. Learn more about the weapons in San Andreas here.*Sweet calls you on your cellphone.

You must show your loyalty to the Grove by wearing Grove Street colours. You don't actually need to buy anything, but it's worth having a look around. Ryder is complaining to Sweet about how he is a better driver than CJ.

It's time to take out the drug dealers that are ruining Grove Street, but you'll need backup. B-Dup refuses to help and is said to have drfited apart from gangbanging and into "other activies".

Big Bear, a Grove Street legend, is clearly in need of help because of drug abuse. The house is occupied by ballas, dealers and hookers. Once the place is clean of anybody that may cause a threat the hood, head back to Grove Street with Ryder.

After the cutscene, speed after the Ballas and drive along side them.

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