Grandmothers enjoying sex

Another blogger suggests that the photos might be real but a prankster has written a fanciful story to go with them.

Neither Miss Carter nor her grandson have yet emerged to confirm their bizarre story - and there do not appear to be any local reports of it either.

There have been claims by bloggers that the affair is so twisted that it just cannot be true.

Others suggest that a photo of the couple, with Mr Bailey's arms around his grandmother, has been manipulated.

The abhorrent love match between the granny and her grandson, 46 years her junior, has been turning stomachs as it speeds around the globe, leaving even regular bloggers - who have seen much of the weirdness the internet has to offer - open-mouthed.

Miss Carter talks in an interview of luring Mr Bailey into her bedroom, kissing and seducing him.

Before diving into the next item, the women discussed their current sex lives, with several saying that they are currently sexually active.

Six months later she passed away and he decided to track down his grandmother.

The new video begins with the ladies bonding over cups of tea and revealing that every single one of them has spent time in a sex shop before.'It doesn't mean it's been recently!

' chimed in one woman, before another added: 'Speak for yourself, sister!

It's the story that has gone viral on the internet - the tale of a grandmother who has fallen in love with her grandson and is giving up her pension to have his baby.

Grey-haired Pearl Carter, 72, and her 26-year-old grandson Phil Bailey are said to be madly in love - and while she is well past the age of bearing a child herself, they say they are eagerly awaiting the baby that is developing in the womb of a surrogate mother.

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