Grandma dating grandson

Over at, new membership numbers are skyrocketing in the 50-plus category — which shows a 300 percent jump from year 2000.

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That’s how they locked us inside the room and escaped o. Uncle Ladi and Uncle Damo were in the thick of it with three policemen, and my grandma flung one skinny one off Uncle Damo. Long story short, the cops got a good thumping until some more policemen came in and locked Uncle Ladi and Damo up as well. We wanted to use that your big head for money but the oracle said you were too ugly! The DPO damn near lay flat on the floor for her, and promised to dismiss the policemen. You've gotta love these unexpected, hilariously awkward little gems that are bound to pop up between an eccentric, loving grandmother and the poor 'ol grandson/granddaughter's significant other.In grandma's defense, she clearly took a liking to her grandson's girlfriend, and is only promoting awareness of her health! She arrived last week, and she has been really cracking me up. ”“If you drink it, you’ll be very solid for Finebabe o. Donna followed the advice and joined Silver Singles.

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