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Download the Power Point, lesson procedure, audio and handout below. I was part of an all female group presenting a project within the architecture school at a very good German University.

There are two different version, one for adults and one for teenagers: Conversation 1 A: Good evening. We were criticized – which is normal, and likely the work wasn’t brilliant – for some window details we had drawn that would have been very difficult to clean in real life. Until we were told that as women, we should know about cleaning…

and perhaps we should focus on that instead of pursuing architecture.

My boyfriend is a doctor and I’m a medical student.

So, one day, we were chatting at his parent’s house and I was saying that I was really interested in surgery and his father started laughing saying I am too small and petite to be a surgeon, while his mother started asking me who would take care of the children if I became a surgeon.

I just let go and laughed it off, but I was really sorry to hear such nice people say those things.

Conversation 2 A: It was lovely to see you again, Sue. Tell students that they are going to recreate the dogs vs. Then they have one more minute to decide which job should receive the highest salary.

B: I _____­­­­__ , but you’ll never _____­­­­__ what. A: But it was really kind of you to put up with all of us and the animals. There are currently 75,000 hotel beds in the city and around 100,000 beds in tourist flats, at least half of them unlicensed and illegal. Furthermore, tourism is distorting the economy and there is little support for anyone who wants to establish non-tourist enterprises.” The good-humoured march moved to the seaward end of the Rambla, where one of the organisers read out This is an activity designed with young, low-level teens in mind to get them talking about their Christmas holidays using the classic “Find Someone Who…” format. after-xmas-find-someone-who After Christmas: Find someone who… You may need to model some question structures on the board before students start mingling. Give your presentation and then give students a minute to compare their notes and share in open class. “We’re subsidising tourism with public money, by exploiting workers in the service economy and exploiting the infrastructure of the city, which we citizens pay for. Procedure Tell students that you’re going to give a presentation, tell them that they need to make notes on: the main idea, supporting ideas and impressive language. “ stop spending millions on promoting tourism,” says Pardo. Download the phrase sheet and topic cards below: Micro Presentations Preparation Prepare a 2-minute example presentation on a topic close to your heart using as much of the language from the handout as you can. Yet people are free to visit the city, so what’s to stop them? This is a lesson plan designed for higher levels (B2 ) to help students develop their presentation skills. A school in South London took the decision to ban street slang from the classroom, the banned words are in the picture below: If you want to look up any of these words you can use the urban dictionary. (question form) The critical/crucial factor here is… Other members of the group note how many expressions their classmates use in their presentations and give them constructive feedback.

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