JOEY: Hey, if she were marrying a guy, she'd be like the worst lesbian ever.MONICA: Um, you guys, you know when I said before, "thank you, but I don't really need your help"?The Blazers have lost a season-high three in a row, which includes a 106-92 defeat to the Washington Wizards Tuesday night at the Moda Center.This is the final outing of a four-game home stand for the Blazers, who begin a five-game trip on Monday at the Golden State Warriors.Chat and play in 3D, make new friends, get intimate, get naughty, explore sex anonymously, have interactive sex, take total control!Hi girls I'm planning for a trip to ooty this week...I went straight from my father's house to the sorority house to my husband's house.MRS GREEN: [laughing] You have some life here你现在的生活真有意思, sweetie.

This is actually a temporary site for him becsause his regular one just got hacked into and sold on ebay.

From the early days of rock n' roll radio, to country music, to the heyday of block parties in the South Bronx, to today's EDM mega-stars, DJs have always been a part of America's musical lexicon.

This is the final outing of a three-game trip for Houston, which defeated the Utah Jazz 112-101 Thursday night in Utah to earn their eighth consecutive victory.

The following map identifies the states that have taken action against the hiring of illegal aliens by requiring some (or all) businesses to use E-Verify.

States in red or orange have taken no steps to curb the hiring of illegal workers who wish to compete for jobs with American workers.

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