Getting back into dating after long relationship


This doesn't mean a happy, healthy relationship isn't possible for you.

It just means that you might have to pause now and then to consider your actions and reactions as you wade into a new lifestyle.

“One needs to ponder on him/herself, and his/her ideals.

And through this process, one can figure out what it is he/she wants, and what it is he/she are unwilling to compromise on,” Mphunga explains.

“Maybe one came out of a relationship that had financial security and is looking for that financial security in another relationship, this can lead to being absent in the new relationship,” he explains.

OVERCOMING THESE CHALLENGES Overcoming these challenges, in big part, has a lot to do with a changing of one’s mindset and a letting go of expectations Mphunga says.

Maybe you’re looking for the love of your life, or maybe you’re just looking for a first date to get over your nerves.

Either way, these 5 tips will help you jump back into the saddle and learn how to date again.

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Essentially, it all goes back to an individual managing their expectations as they jump back into the dating pool.Your new partner isn't your ex, so you can't atone for past mistakes and you can't hold her responsible, even subconsciously, for past hurts.Don't be so afraid to lose again that you hold on too tightly and lose track of yourself – that person you've spent years on your own getting to know.With Netflix and Chill the mantra of singles and couples in 2016, it’s no wonder that more and more couples are staying in for lazy weekends on the couch instead of going out and doing things together. We spoke to counselling psychologist, Banetsi Mphunga, on how to navigate the decisions you make about dating after you've just come out of a long-term relationship After having been in a long-term relationship, getting back into the dating world can prove to be tricky, if not, a difficult task.A new relationship is always unpredictable,” he says.

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