Gary lightbody dating 2016


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Anything that strays too close to late-period REM country-tinged autumnal tones suffers from the fact that Lightbody’s voice, though yearning is his stock-in-trade, doesn’t have the fragility and emotional complexity of Michael Stipe’s.Anything that leans too close to Snow Patrol’s doe-eyed indie balladry suffers from the fact that this muso-cushioned setting doesn’t have the impetuous explosiveness of that band’s best songs (c’mon, everyone secretly likes "Run", admit it)."Ravens And Wolves", though, with its dark and moody rock workout and the funky, krauty groove of "Punishment" raise the pulse.Our Single of the Week is Snow Patrol’s Don’t Give In.Gary Lightbody joined Jenny for a chat about their upcoming album and also told her why it’s taken them seven years to release new music Programme Manager of the Science Gallery Dublin, Ian Brunswick was in to tell Jenny all about a new free exhibition called FAKE: THE REAL DEAL, now open at the Science Gallery at Trinity College Dublin.Bitte benutzen Sie eine neuere Verion des Internet Explorers oder alternative Browser wie Firefox oder Chrome.

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