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If you have the same issues with TL, I suggest tracking this down as it's waaaaaay cheaper and I get great performance from it...

overall it just feels more full-bodied to me than this rubbish Tom Ford is pumping out now. I initially tried TL from a decant I got from ebay.

The whole composition seems thinner and neutered and not worth the asking price I'm afraid...

I'm more inclined to reach for the excellent clone, Cuoio by Pal Zileri.

Anyone else noticed the performance and projection issue lately please share your thoughts.

For reference I tried for a month on a weekly basis testers from Tom Ford boutiques in Harrods London and Selfridges in Oxford street and Harvey Nichols in Knightsbridge. On me, almost immediately it went to raspberry-flavored chocolate.

Within about 2 hours it becomes a skin scent,after about 4 hours it's barely detectable.

"Ultra Sexy Leather" would have been a more fitting name for this fkn brilliant perfume!(x115) 2592x38722015-04-01 kate - pier-glass (x149) 2848x42882015-04-02 vanessa - soap bubbles next (x111) 2848x42882015-04-03 alena - la pierre (x144) 2000x30082015-04-04 elize - dulzura (x142) 2848x42882015-04-05 april - hill next (x169) 3744x56162015-04-06 rosetta - pietre (x102) 3744x56162015-04-07 nastik - tocar (x183) 2848x42882015-04-08 marina a - casting (x65) 2592x38722015-04-09 tosya a - splash (x174) 2592x38722015-04-10 kate - pier-glass next (x120) 2848x42882015-04-11 gertruda - wet skin (x133) 3744x56162015-04-12 alena - la pierre next (x141) 2000x30082015-04-13 kepricia - lunares (x138) 3744x56162015-04-14 malvina - flash ii (x137) 2848x42882015-04-15 adelina - hearts (x106) 3744x56162015-04-16 hloya - the first view (x174) 2592x38722015-04-17 liza a - pink dream next (x104) 3744x56162015-04-18 lima - limanella (x117) 2848x42882015-04-19 justin - lex (x127) 3744x56162015-04-20 ursula - vue next (x138) 2592x38722015-04-21 milana b - smooth (x139) 2592x38722015-04-22 tissa - slippery (x172) 2592x38722015-04-23 elize - dulzura ii (x113) 2858x42882015-04-24 ira - jeans (x156) 2848x42882015-04-25 gertruda - wet skin next (x100) 3744x56162015-04-26 anta - strings ii (x54) 2848x42882015-04-27 rudya - yellow (x103) 2000x30082015-04-28 kepricia - lunares next (x103) 3744x56162015-04-29 bagira - colormix (x132) 2848x42882015-04-30 janne - bikini time (x61) 2848x42882015-05-01 aphina - piel (x145) 2848x42882015-05-02 rosetta - pietre plus (x88) 3744x56162015-05-03 melica c - green wave (x74) 2581x38722015-05-04 mika - fresh field (x146) 2592x38722015-05-05 rusa - necklace (x109) 2848x42882015-05-06 tissa - slippery ii (x155) 2592x38722015-05-07 emanuel - cool breeze (x137) 2848x42882015-05-08 hloya - survey (x104) 2592x38722015-05-09 ira - jeans ii (x100) 2848x42882015-05-10 julietta - fineness (x119) 2592x38722015-05-11 justin - lex next (x113) 3744x56162015-05-12 aurora - rosas (x165) 2592x38722015-05-13 nastik - dandelion (x127) 2848x42882015-05-14 bagira - moonlight (x117) 2848x42882015-05-15 mika - fresh field ii (x122) 2592x38722015-05-16 ursula - bay (x110) 2592x38722015-05-17 emanuel - cool breeze ii (x131) 2848x42882015-05-18 niki mey - temptation (x124) 3744x56162015-05-19 julietta - fineness next (x98) 2592x38722015-05-20 nichole - wet corner (x136) 3744x56162015-05-21 aphina - piel ii (x129) 2848x42882015-05-22 rosetta - ready to swim (x139) 3744x56162015-05-23 rusa - necklace next (x87) 2848x42882015-05-24 april - wild place (x100) 3744x56162015-05-25 kate - aeris (x127) 2848x42882015-05-26 ursula - bay next (x91) 2592x38722015-05-27 nastik - dandelion ii (x121) 2848x42882015-05-28 loren - white socks (x81) 3744x56162015-05-29 aurora - rosas next (x124) 2592x38722015-05-30 lotta - tendresse (x158) 2848x42882015-05-31 niki mey - temptation ii (x100) 3744x56162015-06-01 donata - luceat (x135) 3744x56162015-06-02 bagira - scintilla (x74) 2848x42882015-06-03 rosetta - ready to swim next (x92) 3744x56162015-06-04 gera - aeris (x91) 2592x38722015-06-05 elizabeth - ivory (x155) 2848x42882015-06-06 anita - royal wood (x95) 2848x42882015-06-07 nichole - wet corner ii (x116) 3744x56162015-06-08 lima - fur (x131) 2848x42882015-06-09 linda - stylishness next (x145) 2592x38722015-06-10 daniel - interno (x116) 2848x42882015-06-11 donata - luceat ii (x84) 3744x56162015-06-12 veronica - old mirror (x120) 3744x56162015-06-13 elizabeth - ivory ii (x115) 2848x42882015-06-14 kasia - fun (x143) 2848x42882015-06-15 olga - rete (x109) 2848x42882015-06-16 nariam - graffiti (x125) 2848x42882015-06-17 alla & jillian - ludere (x164) 2848x42882015-06-18 kate - aeris next (x112) 2848x42882015-06-19 gertruda - skin on skin (x103) 3744x56162015-06-20 darinka a - first view (x132) 3744x56162015-06-21 april - wild place ii (x93) 3744x56162015-06-22 nelya - fly (x119) 2848x42882015-06-23 lima - fur extra (x121) 2848x42882015-06-24 elize - viol (x171) 2848x42882015-06-25 veronica - old mirror ii (x97) 3744x56162015-06-26 maura - pebbles (x185) 3744x56162015-06-27 kasia - fun next (x116) 2848x42882015-06-28 rosanna - white roses (x144) 3744x56162015-06-29 gertruda - skin on skin more (x101) 3744x56162015-06-30 july - high tide (x126) 2848x42882015-07-01 darinka a - first view extra (x120) 3744x56162015-07-02 rita - think_ (x164) 2848x42882015-07-03 nariam - grafitti next (x120) 2848x42882015-07-04 jame - leaf (x141) 3744x56162015-07-05 elize - viol ii (x163) 2848x42882015-07-06 linda - luceat (x172) 2592x38722015-07-07 olga - rete ii (x122) 2848x42882015-07-08 nichole - speculo (x120) 3744x56162015-07-09 july - high tide ii (x104) 2848x42882015-07-10 alicia & kepricia - two candy (x87) 3744x56162015-07-11 maura - pebbles next (x147) 3744x56162015-07-12 aurora - gratia (x128) 2592x38722015-07-13 nastik - good walk (x136) 2848x42882015-07-14 olga - rete next (x110) 2848x42882015-07-15 emma - gratia (x123) 3744x56162015-07-16 niki mey - rapture (x126) 3744x56162015-07-17 nelya - fly ii (x81) 2848x42882015-07-18 ines - montibus (x153) 3744x56162015-07-19 ursula - mesh (x130) 2592x38722015-07-20 rosanna - white roses next (x131) 3744x56162015-07-21 gragina - welcome (x111) 3744x56162015-07-22 april - plait (x140) 3744x56162015-07-23 alicia & kepricia - two candy ii (x108) 3744x56162015-07-24 gera - on the edge (x118) 2592x38722015-07-25 letitia - presenting (x133) 3744x56162015-07-26 emma - gratia next (x118) 3744x56162015-07-27 gertruda - stone (x95) 3744x56162015-07-28 liza a - two sides (x186) 3744x56162015-07-29 niki mey - rapture ii (x99) 3744x56162015-07-30 justin - thongs (x156) 3744x56162015-07-31 emanuel - nude road (x187) 2848x42882015-08-01 aurora - gratia next (x78) 2592x38722015-08-02 franchesca - red top (x156) 2592x38722015-08-03 nastik - good walk next (x118) 2848x42882015-08-04 rosetta - fitosso (x119) 3744x56162015-08-05 jame - leaf ii (x138) 3744x56162015-08-06 ines - montibuso (x92) 3744x56162015-08-07 nichole - speculo next (x117) 3744x56162015-08-08 gera - inside (x50) 2592x38722015-08-09 ursula - green mesh (x122) 2592x38722015-08-10 july - wet story (x88) 2848x42882015-08-11 april - plait extra (x130) 3744x56162015-08-12 justin - dream (x153) 3744x56162015-08-13 gragina - welcome ii (x99) 3744x56162015-08-14 franchesca - oil (x147) 2592x38722015-08-15 letitia - delicacy (x104) 3744x56162015-08-16 silvana - presenting (x138) 3744x56162015-08-17 rosetta - fitosso next (x104) 3744x56162015-08-18 gera - mural (x96) 2592x38722015-08-19 ileria - presenting (x105) 2592x38722015-08-20 olga - yellow socks extra (x45) 2848x42882015-08-21 vika - cap (x157) 2582x38722015-08-22 nata - circle (x184) 2848x42882015-08-23 silvana - aura (x114) 3744x56162015-08-24 vanessa - kitchen (x120) 2848x42882015-08-25 julietta - elasticity (x208) 2581x38722015-08-26 hannusya - accessories (x164) 2592x38722015-08-27 lanna - boat (x208) 2858x42882015-08-28 vanessa - kindness (x110) 2848x42882015-08-29 vika - cap next (x154) 2592x38722015-08-30 nata - swimming circle (x213) 2848x42882015-08-31 letitia - forme (x109) 3744x56162015-09-01 julietta - elasticity ii (x176) 3872x58072015-09-02 lanna - boat next (x183) 2848x42882015-09-03 rita - pink rose (x143) 2848x42882015-09-04 hannusya - accessories ii (x100) 2592x38722015-09-05 gera - petram (x131) 2592x38722015-09-06 helen - presenting (x145) 3744x56162015-09-07 katrin - harenam (x102) 2858x42882015-09-08 letitia - forme next (x99) 3744x56162015-09-09 ira - top (x160) 2848x42882015-09-10 rita - rosea surrexit (x94) 2848x42882015-09-11 rima - ora (x147) 2592x38722015-09-12 vanila - laterizi (x133) 2848x42882015-09-13 gera - spuma maris (x105) 2592x38722015-09-14 tosya a - betula (x182) 2592x38722015-09-15 helen - luxury (x96) 3744x56162015-09-16 linda d - footpath (x118) 2848x42882015-09-17 olivia - corner (x171) 2592x38722015-09-18 kasia - rails (x127) 2848x42882015-09-19 rima - ora next (x133) 2592x38722015-09-20 lotta - gray (x54) 2592x38722015-09-21 debora - presenting (x177) 3744x56162015-09-22 ira - top ii (x138) 2848x42882015-09-23 mika - wet line (x181) 2592x38722015-09-24 aphina - rete (x79) 2848x42882015-09-25 kasia - rails next (x92) 2848x42882015-09-26 kate - papavero (x114) 2848x42882015-09-27 olivia - angolo (x135) 2592x38722015-09-28 tosya a - betula ii (x101) 2592x38722015-09-29 aurora - marine freshness (x127) 2592x38722015-09-30 allana - light (x183) 2592x38722015-10-01 ileria - red hot (x133) 2592x38722015-10-04 ursula - road (x124) 2592x38722015-10-07 nata & nelya & olga - trio (x171) 2848x42882015-10-10 mika - wet line extra (x150) 2592x38722015-10-13 franchesca - colors (x195) 2592x38722015-10-16 kate - papavero next (x110) 2848x42882015-10-19 linda d - tattoo (x104) 2848x42882015-10-22 cherry - glint (x204) 2848x42882015-10-25 assole - free space (x179) 2848x42882015-10-28 lika - the bridge (x155) 2592x38722015-10-31 ursula - road trip (x114) 2592x38722015-11-03 aurora - balcone (x123) 2592x38722015-11-06 debora - indigo (x149) 3744x56162015-11-09 silvana - yellow (x152) 3744x56162015-11-12 april - montagne (x147) 3744x56162015-11-15 franchesca - (x139) 2592x38722015-11-18 alicia - collina (x163) 3744x56162015-11-21 nansy - white stone (x53) 3744x56162015-11-24 kepricia - pink (x109) 3744x56162015-11-27 rosanna - bacio (x120) 3744x56162015-11-30 lika - the brige next (x114) 2592x38722015-12-03 rosetta - orange (x171) 3744x56162015-12-06 gragina - white bed (x133) 3744x56162015-12-09 ileria - red hot next (x117) 2592x38722015-12-12 mila - lapis (x167) 2848x42882015-12-15 assole - flower paradise (x178) 2848x42882015-12-18 emily - focus (x211) 2848x42882015-12-21 cherry - glint next (x120) 2848x42882015-12-24 letitia - green mesh (x110) 3744x56162015-12-27 kepricia - stipulam (x92) 3744x56162015-12-30 malvina - trittico (x188) 2848x42882016 05 01 Mila Cincinnis (x132) 2848x42882016 05 04 Gera Abisso (x117) 2592x38722016 05 07 Mika Cotton (x146) 2592x38722016 05 10 Linda D Czar (x161) 2848x42882016 05 13 Gertruda Perle 2 (x109) 3744x56162016 05 16 Ines Kalni (x130) 3744x56162016 05 19 Nelya Orizzonte Next (x143) 2848x42882016 05 22 Janne Fly (x118) 3744x56162016 05 25 Grasya Pink Velvet (x187) 3744x56162016 05 28 Ursula Heart (x130) 2592x38722016 05 31 Kati Column (x159) 2848x42882016 06 03 Traci Cany Next (x108) 3744x56162016 06 06 Snezhka Conatus (x183) 3744x56162016 06 09 Malvina The Wood (x182) 2848x42882016 06 12 Mirela A Betulla Next (x165) 3872x25922016 06 15 Anta Boo (x119) 2883x42882016 06 18 Aurora Ombra Next (x176) 2592x38722016 06 21 Debora Red & White (x166) 3744x56162016 06 24 Gera Abisso Plus (x130) 2592x38722016 06 27 Magda Scorpion (x163) 2848x42882016 07 03 Darinka A Pareo Next (x105) 3744x 56162016 07 06 Adelina First Look (x71) 3744x56162016 07 09 Sherry Lawson Presenting Sherry Lawson (x122) 2848x42882016 07 13 Janne Fly 2 (x99) 3744x56162016 07 15 Olivia Calciamentis Extra (x118) 2592x38722016 07 18 Allana The Quiet River (x161) 2592x38722016 07 21 Vanessa Slim Line (x115) 2848x42882016 07 24 Letitia Colored (x144) 3744x56162016 07 27 Franchesca Green Line Next (x128) 2592x38722016 07 30 Vika Girasole (x185) 2592x38722016 08 02 April 2016 08 05 Helen Sweet 2016 08 08 Dasha & Vanessa Simul 2016 08 11 Jane 2016 08 14 Valeri & Lika Girly Secrets 2016 08 17 Milena Tender 2016 08 20 Rosanna Sugar 2016 08 25 Malvina The wood 22016 08 26 Wincenza 2016 08 29 Kati Column 2016 09 01 Mila Summer 2016 09 04 Vanila Raggio 22016 09 07 Frances 2016 09 10 Letitia Beauty 2016 09 13 Alicia 2016 09 16 Ines Kalni.Private Blend is first and exclusive collection by Tom Ford, which includes twelve eau de parfums, each of them can be used solely or in combination with other fragrances from the collection. The fragrances are available in 50ml and 250ml bottles."PRIVATE BLEND is my own scent laboratory: it's where I have the ability to create very special, original fragrances that are unconstrained by the conventions of mainstream scent-making. The best leather I've smelled so far without a doubt.

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