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There are, in fact, many myths related to masturbation: that it can make a man go blind; that it can lead to erectile dysfunction; and that it can cause sexual dysfunction in women.

For some, penetration doesn't cut it at all, and clitoral stimulation alone is their stairway to heaven.While vaginal intercourse or some more strenuous physical activities could cause minor hymen tearing, many women do not experience any tearing or bleeding during sex, as the hymen can stretch to accommodate the penis.As Nina Dølvik Brochmann and Ellen Støkken Dahl, authors of , explain in a TED talk, this membrane is kind of like a scrunchy — elastic and flexible.Everyone's heard their fair share of sex myths, especially during their teenage years.Unfortunately, though, some myths might persist well into adulthood, affecting the way we relate to our sexual lives. " "Oh, and maybe put your sex life on the back-burner if you want to wow your colleagues at next month's sports event." Do these phrases sound familiar?Let's say, as a man, every single time you masturbate you only give yourself a few minutes from first touch to ejaculation.

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