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Conversation logs were automatically saved to a "Chats" area in the user's Gmail account.

This allowed users to search their chat logs and have them centrally stored in their Gmail accounts.

The connection between the Google Talk client and the Google Talk server is encrypted, except when using Gmail's chat over HTTP, a federated network that doesn't support encryption, or when using a proxy like IMLogic.

Some XMPP clients natively support encryption with Google Talk's servers.

Enabling "off the record" inside Gmail's Chat turns off logging of messages, but does not enable encryption.

On October 31, 2006, Google introduced offline messaging to Google Talk.

For a long time, it was not possible to directly download chat logs that were not attached to an email conversation, Google also integrated Google Talk with Orkut.

Messages can be up to 10 minutes long and users can choose to have them sent to their Gmail inbox.

Note: this functionality has recently been discontinued without any real announcement, likely in the face of the release of the Google Hangouts services. In the standalone client and the Google Talk widget embedded into Gmail and Google , Google contacts appear in the contacts list; their respective circles are shown in Google 's iteration of the widget.

It is possible to place and receive phone calls from within Gmail by using Google Talk.

This only works between Gmail-accounts though, and doesn't work between Google Talk servers and other XMPP servers.

On June 30, 2006, Nokia released new software for their Nokia 770 Internet Tablet, that included Google Talk as one of the compatible Vo IP clients, because of the XMPP-based software.

This included Earth Link, Gizmo5, Tiscali, Net Ease, Chikka, Media Ring, and, according to Google, "thousands of other ISPs, universities, corporations and individual users." with Google Talk's text chat (IM), allowing text chat with XMPP users on a variety of platforms.

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