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Google This is a digital copy of a book that was preserved for generations on library shelves before it was carefully scanned by Google as part of a project to make the world's books discoverable online. After the cloth was removed, JVon i Vo W* Domine was most ably sung by Messrs. Secretary, Bro, Jeflfary, in a very neat and appropriate apeecn, was leeeived with mudi enthusiasm, Bro. The pleadng and hononrahle duty which I am now called upon to fulfil, demonstrates that the preiliction of that distiu- ^shed Mason has been fully realized. Past'Masler Uaskins rose and said, it was one of the greatest privilcfie B of a Master leaving the chair, that he had the opportunity of proposing the heal A of his successor ; snd no one experienced more pride or gratification than he did in ^Ifilling this pleasing duty. The Craft has raised itself considerably in the estimation of the higher orders, and the Lodge has received a great accession of numbers, talent, and respectabihty. The learned have not been able to agree as to the nattire of Uiis idol, whether he was a representation of Helios, or the Sun, the God of the i'hcenicians, or of Venus ; or according to Gro Ciua, in his commentary on the passage in Kin^ of Saturn, or what according to Statiua seems more proba Ue, of Jupiter Casaias.It has survived long enough for the copyright to expire and the book to enter the public domain. A&hley, exquisitely S anted by Mr, Answorth, at the desire and cost of the Prov, Grand Seers, was placed in tbe Lodge. Whifibn, French, and Uugget The usual loyal and Masonic toasts were drunk with the honours, when tbe heal A of ibe P. It has been a source, Worship- flil Master, of the highest gratification to all TOUr Brethren, to witnesa the serous manner in which, fiom that period to the present, you have laboured to promote the principles of the Craft, and uphold tbe character «f the Royal Clarence Lodge, by the akill, order and r^;ularity of its Masonic proeeedinge; while in the general government of ihe Lodge you have displayed the most sterhng good sense, prudence and foresight, aceomplished manners, calmness and control of temper, combined with an nnwearied kind and anxious deure to promote die comfort and bappinen of the Brethren Individually and collectively. Worshipful Brother, allmr me to observe that the purity of its material may be held to represent the integrity of your principles, while the brillianta which compose the Past Master's insignia, may justly be considered emblematic of your Masonic acquirements, which have elevated you to the exalted station you have so ably filled ; a station of which you must feel as proud as the mathematician who has mastered the forty-seventh problem in Euclid, which is depicted on our insignia. Worshipful Master, greeting you with the right- hand of good fe Dovrahip, in tne name of your Brethren, I would express their fervent hope that the Great Architect of the Universe ma; grant you a long and happy life, and bestow upon you every hlessing Ifaia world can afford." The concluding words of the speaker were responded to by the heart- felt applause of the Brethren, and on its subsiding the Worshiprul Master rose, and replied in a very emphatic speech, in which he alluded to the several points of Bro. In the choice of a Master for the ensuing year, the Brethren had reason to be proud of the selection they bad made; for their present Worshipful Master, Brother Jubber, possessed every qualification for the office, which he would fill with credit to himself and honour to the Lodge. Neither time, labour, nor expense was spared to render the occasion wortiiy of the " lovely visitants;" the whole affair was managed and went off with brilliancy, eclat, and unanimity ; for, to its credit be it 8ud, tha^ tiiough scarcely twelve months old, it has confessedly taken the very highest station in the province of West Yorkshu* ; thus givmg palpa Ue proof, titat if Masons le but true lo themselves and their obli- gations, if they would hut celebrate their sublime aod holy mysteries in consecrated and hallowed temples of their own with " freedom, zeal, and ■ fervwicy," they would command the admiration and respect oi all that is lovely, and secure the patronage and co-operation of all that is exalted and noble. But it is sufficient for our present purpose to know that Rimmon Ti JTl is the Hebrew and Syriac for pamegrauaie.They insure that you are in a safe environment and there is no harassment tolerated.As long as you abide by the rules, there is no way that you cannot enjoy your stay here.Usage guidelines Google is proud to partner with libraries to digitize public domain materials and make them widely accessible. The health of bet Mtyesty and that of the Royal Family having been j^ven, the Worshipful Master said he had peculiar pleaaure in proposin K the next toast, which was " The health of the Grand Master of England the Earl of Zetland." (Cheers.) That nobleman might be unknown to most of the Brethren present ; hut the fact of his being exalted to his S'esent high position, was a'sufficient guarantee that the interests of reemasonry might be safely confided to his hands. On its mbc Idi Dg he laid, it u, pethapa, unneces Ba Ty for me to aay mach 1 Aeematoiuj; bat I ha*e ipent a hfe that has had i U triala and ' '' * : at one time the au Dshine of proaperity ha« beamed upon "'' ar tbe douda of advcnrity ha Tepasiied over me; but, under cea, no period of my life ha« been to bright, and none bo hallowed, as the year I have just spent in pf«udia K orer this Lodge ; and the kindnen 1 have alwsya received at yoor handa, and the Brotherly feriing with whidi 1 have been treated, wilt ever be engraven on my monory and heart. Clemens Alexandrinus asaign B aa a reason, that it was suppurtitg thia' time of restraint, in which the French were governed by whom they had no afifection, every one seemed to the people le of restraint, in which the French were governed by princes for .Public domain books belong to the public and we are merely their custodians. He was initiated, pasted, and raised, in the Gii OBB Lono E, (^en No. (Cheers.) I congratulate you on the increadng proaperitv of Freemasonry iu general, and the Alfred Lodge in par- ticidar ; db C I would impresa upon you that our success is not owing to Ihia at that Ptetiding Miater, but it ia to aomethins higher and greater diat we are indebted : it is not to the pride of wealth, the infloence of nnk, or ihepowo' of talent that we must look — but to a higher snd more endming aource ; iot Freetnaaonrr is founded on that on which all our hopes are baaed — it ii founded on the Rock of Ages, the Sacred Folumt, and while it rests on that can never fail. am they had no afifection, every one seemed to the people to fa Dected witli the poliee.

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