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Its worth bearing in mind, though, that while people have been slicing bread for eons, 1912 Otto Rohwedder toys with the idea of producing a machine to slice bread 1916 Rohwedder begins to design a machine to slice bread 1917 fire destroys his factory, prototype machine and the blueprints 1926 Toastmaster begins selling pop-up toasters 1927 Rohwedder finally saves enough money to begin again to build a bread slicer 1928 Rohwedder files patent application for a single step bread slicing machine 1928 forms a company Mac-Roh Sales & Manufacturing to build and sell the bread slicer machine 1928 first mechanical pre-sliced bread goes on sale to the public in Chillicothe, Missouri 1929 1933 Rohwedder sells patent rights to and goes to work for Micro-Westco, Inc.

1934 Patent 1,970,379 issued August 14, 1934 for Slicing Machine assigned to Papendick, Inc.

Rohwedder' filed his application for a patent on November 26, 1928 and formed a company Mac-Roh Sales & Manufacturing to build and sell the bread slicer machine.

" Rohwedder invented the first machine to slice bread. It needed electricity, a uniform sized loaf of bread, a plastic wrap and a toaster to build up the demand.

On occasion, you may have heard it said of some wonderful gadget, This is the greatest invention since sliced bread!

This is intended to be both a compliment and a reference to how revolutionary and world-changing the invention is.

Without Otto Frederick Rohwedder, no one could exclaim: "It's the greatest thing since sliced bread!

" Rohwedder was born Des Moines, Iowa and grew up in Davenport, Iowa.

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