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Lastly When I finally decided to turn my notes into the book A-Z (I started in 75 and finished in 95) There was yet another embouchure out there that I had not yet played.

This is when I studied and learned the Super chops embouchure.

[8] Each player should find the embouchure that best fits them and work from there.

My books and videos go to great detail when explaining how a brass embouchure works.

These studies covered all major trumpet embouchures & more than 700 stock mouthpieces.

This consistent study has actually caused me to rewrite sections of a couple of my books, so that I could stay current and accurate. He is the person who showed me how things that were poorly described in the Stevens book were really done.

Through High School and College I took lessons from the school professor and took outside of school too. I also learned that some of the absolutes in the Stevens book were NOT so absolute in person. Ken Muckelroy (who had studied under Ghitalla) and Dr.

As an example; I was the first teacher to explain and discuss the "Aperture Tunnel" (TM) in print and explain how this helps to create resonance on a brass instrument.

[9] [10] I was also instrumental in writing about the 3-D nature of the brass embouchure in my 2002 book "How the Chops Work".

I had some phone conservations and written correspondence with Jerry Callet as well as his book.

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