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That all domains which have been "domain-prepped" have a RUS is an Exchange 2000/2003 requirement which is unchanged for the co-existence scenario.

Exchange Server 2003 communicates with directory servers to update recipient objects (such as mailbox-enabled user accounts and mail-enabled groups) with e-mail addresses, according to the recipient policies defined for the organization.

Domain Prep needs to be run in any domain that has recipients, Exchange servers, or global catalogs.

Additionally, a Recipient Update Service (RUS) needs to be created that points to a domain controller in that domain.

This is typically done in a hosting scenario where multiple customers with different SMTP/DNS domains are hosted in a single AD forest.

Recipient Update Service (RUS) in a multi-domain forest: If your forest has multiple domains where recipients reside, you will need to run Domain Prep in those domains.

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