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As always, it’s best to speak in person and talk about your feelings instead of taking the underhanded route.

[Read: 13 modern dating trends you need to dump immediately] #9 Don’t make big decisions over text. And if you want the other person to feel as special as they truly are to you, save your declarations of love for them when you see them in person. Somewhere along the way, you may start sexting each other. Done the right way, you can make your budding relationship even more exciting, as long as the other party is in on it, too!

You can’t have your date sensing this from you this early in your relationship, as you will only turn them off completely.

[Read: 10 signs the guy you’re with deserves your trust] #13 Acknowledge a good date.

[Read: 20 sexy text messages to start a sexy conversation] #11 Put your phone down.We can’t stop the reality of instant and digital communication. While many would still prefer face-to-face communication, texting is unavoidable, so it’s best for you to learn to do it right.Here are the 20 texting etiquette tips for dating that you must learn. Except for certain occasions, men are almost always expected to be the one to initiate a texting conversation in the early stages of dating.[Read: How to love someone without smothering them] #6 One word: Spellcheck.There are so many things that can go wrong with bad spelling and bad grammar.Before hitting the “send” button, go over your message at least once.

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