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Putin’s conservativism has been molded from outside by foreign pressure, and the rejection of his presidency by significant elements in the west, symbolised by the passage in the US of the Magnitsky law.

The swing towards conservative ideas is partly due to things happening in Russia, but also in large part a response to what is happening in the world: as Francis Fukuyama has shown, it is the statist right, rather than the radical left, that has won the battle of ideas in the wake of the global financial crisis.He has asked me to elaborate and clarify on a few points from the article, which while I believe is a very good presentation of his views, does lose a little bit in the translation and context that bears addressing.1.First, Russians like Americans, while not adverse to hearing the opinions of foreigners when it comes to domestic politics, certainly do not or should not be expected to take them into account.2.Much power is in the hands of hyper wealthy oligarch class, who are by and large adherents of liberals ideas.If we put together all these facts, the conservative thrust of Mr Putin’s presidency leads in the direction of pragmatic syncretism: it is conservative only in the sense that it doesn’t share globalist optimism, but it is also not trying to guard an exhausted status quo.But the triumph of conservative ideas in Russia is in large part due to their inherent populairy in Russia itself, and unique and puzzling (to foreigners) relationship of Russian masses to their leaders.

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