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As such there appear to be a circularity in production and consumption of Orientalist ideologies.“what Ruskin, Tennyson, Meredith, Dickens, Arnold, , George Elliot, Carlyle, Mill- in short the full roaster of significant Victorian writers- saw was a tremendous international display of British power virtually unchecked over the entire world.It was both logical and easy to identify themselves in one way or another with this power, having through various means already identified themselves with Britain domestically…There is an impressive circularity here; we are dominant because we have the power (industrial, military, moral), and they don’t, because of which they are not dominant; they are inferior, we are superior..” (127)Such circularity is an inherent quality of a system of ideology-discourse-ideology of any kind, the type which can analysed and discussed in racist/discriminatory ideaologies as well.With the machine running, add the eggs 1 at a time. Add the dry ingredients, a small amount at a time, until just incorporated.Using a rubber spatula, fold the drained raspberries evenly into the batter.I am not trying to say that it is “” for Saddam not to respect Kuwait as a sovereign country.However, this is a very important historical element that needs to be accounted for in a discussion like this.Said criticizes Western contemporary philosophy -and its more recent post modern and critical approaches- as being ignorant or not paying enough attention to the fact that the world is not necessarily experiencing what the ‘West’ is experiencing in terms of polity and philosophical perspective.

Add the vanilla extract, powdered sugar, and Vin Santo. I used fresh raspberries and did not make the cream - too many calories consumed during the holidays prevented me from adding it!Thus, it is ethically the right thing to say that Kuwait was to be a “nation to be obliterated” through “murderous proposition”, but the use of language by Said seems rather too strong and worse this is only mentioned for Kuwait which is a very close allied of USA.Is Said falling to the same macro-structure of hegemonic power that he is so critical of?The large mass of people is crushed beneath dictatorship or unyielding, unresponsive, unpopular government” (363).Thus, quite sadly such anti-imperialistic discourses lay the foundation of oligarchies in post colonial world e.g.

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