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We had countless classes throughout school together including the most enjoyable....

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Whenever I came to visit the book family, it was always known that I would sleepover with lizzie due to our constant friendship.

One of my favorite stories that we share, our when I was on break, typically I would go visit and stay with my sister and Aston to get away from college.

On multiple occasions, we would go take Aston to the arcade, shop at the primitive stores, eat a bunch of junk food, and binge watch criminal minds, CSI, or law & order marathons.

Some of my best memories with lizzie have been our little adventures through the creeks, the barns at Pappy's farm, going through Pappy's fields up to the ponds, and finding the kittens every year :) I could think of 1000s of things to continue on about lizzie here, but instead, I just want to thank you, Lizzie, for always being my shoulder to cry on, leg to stand on when i'm down, or my best friend to rely on. Nichole has been more than just a sister to me, she has been a best friend.

You've always been so strong, outgoing, and my life-supporter to show me how to look at things differently through God's plan. As my sister, Nichole has always stood by my side, laughed and cried together, tell secrets, and been a great role model for me growing up.

We also enjoy any kind of shopping together especially anything anchor related or beach d├ęcor.

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