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They squeeze in with three other Latin Americans and headed for the Bois de Boulogne. We had to work outside in the blistering cold, against the trees.

Sometimes, during the act, you realise that 15 men are looking at you and masturbating.

New Woodlizard Species Discovered in Ecuador Commonly referred to as woodlizards, Enyalioides is a genus in the lizard family Hoplocercidae which is endemic to the northern part of South America and Panama.

The recent discovery of three new species brings the number of i...

They put electrodes on my head, they wanted to give me male hormones, they had no solution.

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Escape seemed like the only feasible option." She found shelter in Erika's house, a trans hairdresser she met in an underground bar in Guayaquil. I won't go back home until I become like her: rich, feminine and beautiful."In the late 1980s, the Ecuadorian transgender community was hit by a wave of departures.

read more Volunteering in Ecuador Based in Ohio, USA, the non-profit Tandana Foundation offers opportunities for volunteers to travel to Ecuador and participate in various community development programs.

Visiting a foreign country as a guest is far different f...

"I was suffering from not seeing them, especially in knowing that they were not looking for me. But maybe they knew that they couldn't do anything for me, that I had to find myself on my own." On a morning like any other, Wendy sat by the window in her room. Suddenly, all heads turned and stared at a beautiful creature. "It was too complicated to find a French visa so we all went through Amsterdam." She was hosted by Ecuadorian friends and started working immediately. You see these cute men that are going to pay you; it's comforting in a way, but when the act begins, it's a shock.

Because you're going to do things you're not used to. It was not the first time I had slept with men, but it was very different–even scary. We all came from a conservative country; in Holland it was more open, and more perverse.

The headmistress steps forwards and, without a hint of compassion, announces that: "Leo is a boy who believes he is a girl." The cat is out of the bag.

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