Eclipse maven plugin updating indexes dating xmatch

Selecting this menu item will load the Install/Update dialog box.Choose the "Search for new features to install" option and click Next.

Using Scala IDE for Eclipse on a Maven Scala project is fairly straightforward.. In this tutorial I will show how to use the Scala IDE on an existing maven project, and how to start with a fresh project.

This connector understands the Scala maven plugin and links the If everything went well, you should now have Maven and Scala support in your Eclipse installation.

Let’s create a new Scala maven project, starting with a simple Scala project based on an archetype.

After reading this article you should have enough information to install the m2eclipse plugin and start creating or importing existing Maven projects into your Eclipse workspace.

You will also have an idea of some of the features provided the plugin.

Select the components you want to install and Eclipse will download, install, and configure your plugins.

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