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The building and deploying of different projects will be executed in exactly the same order specified in that looks like this: to package and/or deploy all projects at once.

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We have to move that JAR file to the $MAVEN_HOME/lib/ext/ directory: /u01/app/Oracle/Middleware/oracle_common/modules/org.apache.maven_3.2.5/lib/ext/ 5.) encrypt your Oracle Single Sign On password with: save the results to clipboard 8.) Modify the content of add ‘settings.xml’ file as follows. In JDeveloper open file in editor and click ‘Effective POM’ tab at the bottom of the file: Still we have to check if we can get effective from the command line as well.For that to work we have to prepare Application file and check that it has been correctly updated each and every time we add a new project.Application pom resides in the same directory containing project directories and can be opened by using ‘Application Sources’ accordion bar from the ‘Application’ window in Jdeveloper as can be seen from the picture below: The Application should contain the list of projects belonging to the same application.This file will be generated in your Maven home folder (e.g. a.) We have to replace For more in detail readings on connecting your environment with Oracle Maven repository and encripting passwords here are two usefull links: we have set up connectivity with Oracle Maven repository from command line, it is time to enable Oracle maven repository support in JDeveloper if not enabled by default. For that we have to go to the project directory where the project file resides and execute: #Building OSB projects with Maven If we do not get any errors after testing effective we are almost ready to try our first build.For that open ‘Preferences’ from Tools or JDeveloper (on Mac) menu and chose Maven- section of file (step 1. Than add repository URL and Index URL (as indicated in step 2. Then select all repositories and index them (step 3. Unfortunately every time we create new project in JDeveloper the bogus ADF plugin is added to the project and file looks like this: section needs to be thrown out from file in order for it to work.

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