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When we open JDeveloper upon installation and we create our first OSB Application/Project we will see that maven build file (pom.xml) is already included in project.

We can get wrong impression that Maven support is here and is working correctly. Default Maven build file looks like this: For OSB developers only ‘package’ and ‘deploy’ goals of the Maven build lifecycle are relevant as OSB project does not implies actual compiling, and actual testing is done when you deploy your project on server.

The building and deploying of different projects will be executed in exactly the same order specified in that looks like this: to package and/or deploy all projects at once.

#Conclusion Unfortunately there is a lot of manual work that has to be done in preparing our OSB environment to support Maven builds and deployment. However due to the bug in JDeveloper each and every time we create new project or update project properties we have to check project file and application file and correct them as described it this article.

It is important to understand that Maven is a plugin execution framework in which every phase of execution executes different set of plugins.

Some plugins are executed deliberately for one or more phases and they have to be listed in plugin section of Maven file, but some plugins are executed implicitly.

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The problem I'm seeing is that there are a few jars that though they are on the remote repository (which I can see when I browse remote) they never show up in the central repositories index.This is true even if I repair, and update the index.As long as you can use dem as dependency everything is fine.Therefore ‘sbar’ has to be specified as a target in ‘packaging’ section as it will invoke the correct Oracle package plugin specifically designed to produce OSB archives. Before executing any operation or rules specified file Maven is doing several things.Maven will try to connect with one or more repositories and then download all necessary plugins needed to execute command in question.

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