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Check out his cool video showing how to spruce up your outdoor lights with a little spray paint metal primer and spray color paint: There is a time and place for nice chandelier or low hanging light fixtures but honestly, the kitchen isn’t always the greatest spot.In most of the homes I’ve lived in, low hanging kitchen chandelier lights results in many head bumps.When you go to clean the tops, you will see the spots again until they dry.Despite the water mark stuff, I love the counter-tops far better than my previous ones and the bathroom still looks much better than before. They also make this Rust-Oleum 258512 Counter Top Transformations, Small Kit, Charcoal paint for kitchen counter updates which is a little more expensive but based on the way the bathroom turned out and if I was struggling to live with my current kitchen counters, I’d give it go!Therefore, when we tried to replace drawer and cabinet handles with new hardware, the new hardware didn’t line up with the old holes.So we decided to simply prep and spray paint the hardware around our home which was way cheaper and actually came out looking nice.

It really makes a huge difference and you can expect to pay under 0 each if you are be thrifty about it.You can’t see them unless you stare and they can be touched up.With this particular color of paint I find that when water splashes on the counter it form as water stain that you can see until the water dries and it will disappear.Our new home had a really weird hanging chandelier style light that was really, really low in our small kitchenette.We replaced the low hanging chandelier light with a flush dome light and now we don’t hit our heads, we have plenty of light, and it looks like we added a few feet to our kitchen space.Now that it is arched and skinny I can fill up all kinds of stuff in my bathroom and kitchen sink!

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