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Congratulations to Michael C Hall, who is likely basking in the glow of his and partner Morgan Macgregor's wedding right about now.

The couple tied the knot on Monday (February 29) at City Hall in New York City, his spokesperson confirmed to Digital Spy.

During Season Eight, he directed the second episode titled "Every Silver Lining." Hall's acting career began in the theater.

Off-Broadway, he appeared in Macbeth and Cymbeline at the New York Shakespeare Festival, and in Timon of Athens and Henry V at the New York Public Theater, The English Teachers at the Manhattan Class Company (MCC), and the controversial play Corpus Christi at the Manhattan Theatre Club.

It's hard to imagine lovely, positive feelings blooming from something as shitty as a divorce, but I think when two people are mature and self-aware like Jennifer Carpenter and Michael C. For the last few years, fans have been curious about what it must be like working side-by-side with your ex-spouse every single day, especially in the emotionally close kind of way these two do. Hall allegedly having an affair with season 5 co-star Julia Stiles, blah blah blah.

Nothing.” I love that – “Our marriage didn't look like anyone else's.” Damn straight, Jennifer!

Don't forget, these two dealt with Hall's cancer diagnosis in addition to everything else that must have been going on.

Kudos to them for not being petty, at least not publicly. Hall even chimed in about it, not wanting to leave Jennifer high and dry on her tightrope of emotion (I'm just guessing): “I would say the fact that Jennifer and I worked through whatever was going on with us personally the way we did and maintained telling the story was never in question,” he explained.

Hall's work in the first season of Six Feet Under,was recognized by a 2002 Emmy nomination for an Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama Series and 2002 American Film Institute Award nomination for Actor of the Year.

In addition, he shared in the Screen Actors Guild nomination for best ensemble cast all five years that the show was in production, winning the award in 20.

When he was 11, his father died of cancer, and in a 2004 interview he recalled, "Certainly, for a young boy, there's no good age, but I think I was on the cusp of a time in my life where I was starting to reach puberty, to relate to my father. He later attended New York University's Master of Fine Arts program in New York City.

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