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And that info is surprisingly useful when trying to decipher males of the human variety.

So, after we did a poll of Cosmo readers and learned that the majority of you find alpha males totally irresistible, we had to bring Dave back and get the scoop on these dominant dudes.

There are a lot of people who'd love to have my job.

When executed perfectly, dinner doesn't stand a chance. "One night, I was approached by this really chatty girl," Dave begins. Ask one to recruit a couple of cute guys for a game of pool or offer up a free beer if he can engage that Ryan Gosling look-alike in conversation and then steer him your way. When You're Seeking Long-Term Love Male chimpanzees have surprisingly high mating standards. "But they also choose mates that have good relationships with other chimps and get the most food." A guy won't critique your grocery-shopping skills, but ingrained in his DNA is an attraction to maternal traits. In other words, lemurs surround themselves with what they adore. Yes, it has a lot to do with the fact that he brought a baby tiger with him and allowed us to play with it.But it's also because the man knows a hell of a lot about male animals in the wild."He's usually the biggest and the strongest, which can be intimidating.But when I win him over, he gives me what I need: a sort of character reference with every other animal." Similarly, allying yourself with the alpha in your social circle can get you access to what you want (like that shoe collection)..put you in a position to steal her secrets. When Your Goal Is to Lead the Pack Elephant herds aren't ruled by a male bull. "She becomes dominant by being a jack-of-all-trades: good at finding food, raising calves, keeping everyone safe, finding water, and making sure the bulls don't get into trouble," says Dave."And they always run after her." Got your eye on a cutie?

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