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Dana claimed her husband was the aggressor, shoving and knocking her to the floor before landing a hard right hand.“He punched her on her right eye area with his right hand (closed fist) while she was backing away,” the court documents charged.Morrison can also drive the boy to school and sporting events if he passes a sobriety test via a handheld, wireless device that gives his spouse Ashley a real-time blood-alcohol content reading.He confirmed he was still out of work, but declined further comment.I have applied my work on contemporary glacial landsystems in Iceland to ancient glaciated landscapes, specifically identifying the geomorphic signatures of former surging and fast flowing ice streams/lobes in the SW Laurentide Ice Sheet.

She placed 8th in Virginia at the cross-country state championships in her sophomore year in high school.

“The punch caused her to fall backwards.” Dana Evans claimed she swung the wooden hanger at her husband in self-defense — and Bill said she beat him until the hanger broke.

Dana claimed she was left with a cut on her left hand, a bruise beneath her eye and a bruised left collarbone after the scuffle.

One major product of our ongoing work on this theme is the Glacial Map of Britain (see links), compiled in collaboration with Dr Chris Clark (University of Sheffield).

This is the culmination of a four year project, partly funded by the British Geological Survey, to compile all the previously published information on glacial landforms dating to the last glaciation in map format with a supporting GIS.

My research on Quaternary palaeoenvironments concentrates on the glacial history and relative sea level changes in mid to high latitude environments, often involving palaeoglaciological reconstructions informed by modern process information (see above).

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