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So I've been enjoying the sun but work is also continuing apace.

The draft of my Ph D proposal has been reviewed by my supervisor and I've been given the go-ahead to put in the paperwork for candidacy.

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If you would love to enjoy – pure love, you will have to fight to find an Italian lover.

It is the land of unparalleled beauty, art and tell you what, religion too!

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The act of recording such cases performed multiple translations - from one person's speech to another's written record, from English oral testimony to the French and/or Latin of the formal court documents, and then later, into the French language summaries of the year books and, sometimes (depending on the case) the rolls of Chancery (a mix of Latin, French, and English) or some other office of government.

And that is why Italian single ladies and men are sought after all over the world.

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