Dating women with long natural fingernails

All the girls I know who do stuff-- sports, extracurriculars, housework, physical jobs, office work-- can't maintain nice, long, manicured nails.

They are incompatible with prolonged use of one's hands.

Forget paying for a pro to nail you a long-lasting gel mani, or buying a pricey bit of kit.

Instead try Rimmel's new two-step Super Gel Nail Polish which is easy to apply and dries like a regular polish, no UV lamp needed. Up to 14 days of chip-free colour with ultra gloss.

This chic nail art trend is minimalist with a twist. Colours fall into two camps this season, moody metallics or pretty pastels.

Stick to a singular base colour and draw graphic lines horizontally across the nails, or all around the outer edges, as seen on many a catwalk for both upcoming seasons. We're loving reflective charcoal greys, shimmering silvers and burnished bronze on the nails as an extension of your jewellery.

Fingernails grow about three to four times faster than toenails.

The embellishment trend hails from Korea, where girls are applying them to their manis in majorly creative ways. |🦄POM POM Nail Z,if you can't go OTT at the wkend,when can you?! THEN - we were asked to take it further by embellishing the very same nails as we please, to create a HAUTE COUTURE masterpiece .For more information on nails and how they grow, see the links on the following page.This year at-home gel nail alternatives are better than ever.In fact, many parents can attest to cutting a squirming child's nails almost every other day.When it comes to nail growth, age and health play an important role.

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