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About a world which is increasingly splitting into those who can wield magic, those who can pay the magicians, and those who just use the things magic enables.

Because that's the interesting part: whilst Arthur C Clarke's maxim was true, and all advanced technology was arcane and difficult, these problems didn't occur.

And I think that distinction - and the points where Clarke's Third Law does still apply - may explain a lot about why technologists are increasingly becoming hated in many circles.

Magic is arcane - in the original meaning of the world.

I like watching comedies and romance films mainly but will watch pretty much anything.’ Philip Danks home in Livingstone Road, Bloxwich, Walsall, which was raided by police after they were able to trace him to the address from his dating profile Plenty Of Fish.(Side note: on quality VR platforms, those being Oculus and Vive, the vomiting thing is mostly solved by now.Don't fear the Great God Huey if you're thinking of trying those.) I mean, does this look like some magical incantation stuff to you? Or just carve it on a stone tablet and leave it somewhere around Skara Brae for archaeologists to get excited about.This may have something to do with my career for a long time involving both magic and technology.Magic's a perennial fiction obsession of mine, and my media of choice have always been highly technological. It's a Virtual Reality game for the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive - obviously fairly technological - whose central conceit is that in it, you learn the skills to cast spells.They summon and control alien entities called "AIs".

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