Dating vintage clothing labels

Dealing with the bends, poor visibility, restricted movement and the fear of unknown sea monsters and giant squid – the experience of the sheer claustrophobia of a 19th century diving suit was in some small way improved by the matching Submariner knit, scarf, long johns and sea socks – all bearing the Siebe Gorman helmet logo.

Read the rest of this entry » What can be more appropriate at this time of year than the autumnal shades of a Harris Tweed two-piece gamekeeper suit.

Read the rest of this entry » A new addition to our growing collection of Peal and Co footwear, this amazing pair of early 20th riding boots have taken pride of place.

The Duluth pack was designed in order to carry maximum capacity.

According to the original patent filed by Poirier – patent no 268,932, he “invented a new and improved Pack-Strap for holding and packing articles of clothing, provisions, and other articles which are to be carried in a package on the back.

Initially setting up a small leather workshop making straps, shoes and boots.

In 1911 Camille Poirier sold off his company to the Duluth Tent & Awning Co., after which time the bags were called Duluth Packs.

The Peal family had been shoemakers for 8 generations before sadly closing the family business in 1965.

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