Dating vintage bottles

Med ett armbandsur uttrycker du stil och personlighet.California Perfume began marketing products under the Avon brand in 1928 and was officially renamed Avon Products Inc.

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If one looks closely at the thick glass in the base of the bottle, one can see that the glass is not quite perfectly colorless, but instead has a slight "straw" or washed out amber tint to the glass (picture of base below).-It is made of thick, heavy glass for its size, weighing almost 1 lb.-There are molded (embossed) "swirls" on the shoulder and upper body of the bottle.Even given these descriptions beginning often mistake a machine made Owen ring on the base of a bottle with a pontil.(Specifics on what a pontil looks like or how to tell the age based on the mold seam can be found in Bottle Basics.) While these two characteristics are often a strong clue to age, readers will be further helped by developing an understanding how the various categories of bottles changed over time.True antique CPC and Avon products are rare, though collectors can sometimes find vintage packaging or perfume bottles.

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