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Inside, the majestic Royal Fountains were adorned with a European “parterre” comprised of over 5,000 additional sculpted Japanese Yew growing among tons of white landscaping rock.There were over 7,300 pink petunias planted under the Eiffel Tower to the adorn holly and ash trees that surrounded it.A large hanging moss “Liberty Bell” was added near the Grand Carousel and flower beds were arranged to resemble the American Flag.As a matter of fact, each season, the park celebrates holidays through its landscaping – adding and subtracting seasonal foliage and props suitable to the time of the year.

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Each themed section received its own unique landscape design to help differentiate one area of the park from another.

Virtually every piece of foliage that could be transplanted from Cincinnati’s Coney Island was used (with the exception of 35 shrubs which were donated to Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Research Foundation).

This included the famed Gingko trees that lined the Coney midway.

When Kings Island premiered in April 1972, the visual artistry of the landscaping was stunning.

Before guests even entered the main park, 1,500 Japanese Yew shrubs had been sculpted to spell out “Kings Island” and the gates were surrounded by 45-foot tall weeping Birch trees.

There are over 100,000 blooming plants at Kings Island and originally many were used in the design of several of the park’s “unique” landscape features.

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