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My visit was more expensive because it included a lot of lab work, but I believe just a routine exam is around .Breastfeeding Madalene says: I didn’t see any public breastfeeding.I would be very wary of a Vietnamese man who doesn’t want to work and pursues a foreign woman.The “middle-aged” generation of men, who are often married and have children, or the parents of the aforementioned young adults, are often viewed as not hard-working, going out to drink at noon, and leaving the housekeeping/child-rearing/income-earning to the wife.Tampons are less common and you may have to go to a Western market to find those.If you are particular about your brand/type, I recommend packing enough for your trip.

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Recommended Gynecologists and Doctors Madalene says: I visited a gynecologist once during a year and it was a thorough visit.They will be motorbiking with a zipped up sweater and a full face and neck mask.Women-Specific Environments Madalene says: I visited a temple that had only nuns, who cared for children. I listened to chanting services in old Hanoian temples that were female-only but again, I visited with my brother so it’s not specifically woman-only.It’s common for young adults to live at home until they get married.If they move to another city for work, they live with relatives.The appointment was at FV Hospital in Saigon, District 7. My doctor was Vietnamese, trained in France, and also spoke English.

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