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Sometimes, the feelings of loneliness didn’t bother me much, so I didn’t put effort into fixing the situation.

Now that I’m parked for the winter in Quartzsite, Arizona, it’s time to ‘put myself out there’ and create a social circle that is satisfying and fulfilling. Consider These 7 Tips for Solo RVing It’s easy to read about other peoples’ stories of the many friends and acquaintances they have made over years of travel – and feel sort of left behind. Creating your own social circle is even more difficult if you’re the least bit introverted.

These senior centers usually have halls, meeting spaces, and sometimes recreational facilities.

In most areas of the country, these organizations offer everything from craft sessions and various group outings, to regular mid-day meals provided at a very reasonable cost.

At QIA, social events are held year-round to bring RVing seniors – as well as younger RVers – together.

Dances, suppers, and a wide variety of adult classes ranging from crafts to ballroom dancing happen frequently.

Some of the centers I’ve visited include, By Googling the words ‘Senior Center’ followed by the name of the city you’re in, you’ll quickly locate the senior center nearest you.

Some regions of the country have a large proportion of older folks.

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Making new friends can also be difficult if you’re newly single.

The Internet has become a powerful tool in connecting people who often live far away from one another.

It also allows us to meet more people with similar interests than we could before.

Some websites will help you get in touch with other RV-loving singles including, If you’re over the age of 55, you’ll have a few more options to connect with other single RVers.

Almost any town of size will have a senior center, and many allow drop-in visitors.

You'll communicate with attractive and exciting men and women who love camping.

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