Dating singer 301a sewing machine


It was patented to Singer Manufacturing Company on 5 February 1946.The inclined needle bar would become known as the "Slant-needle" with another patent that improved the balancing of the rotary hook for the purpose of reducing vibration.This Walking Foot is designed to fit properly on the Singer Featherweight 221, 222 & many other older low shank Singer Sewing Machine models, including the wonderful full size machine, the Singer 201.walking feet widely available - while many look alike, most are not designed with the old-fashioned Singer machine in mind.The new Slant-needle sewing machine would not only be marketed as a "Family Sewing Machine" but also as the "Slant Shank System" to educators and high schools - that also wanted the most reliable machine that can withstand the daily abuse from high school students.Singer felt that the education system would produce a new generation of sewers raised on the slant shank or Slant-needle sewing machines.NOTE: Quite often we receive questions about a good Walking Foot for the Singer 301.

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In the late 1940's Singer was hit with a crippling strike that lasted over a year.

The new Slant-needle sewing machine has a 9 degree inclined needle-bar.

Singer built an entirely new style electric family sewing machine, embodying many exclusive features that simplify operation, making sewing a pleasure.

The relatively few Singer machines sold in the United States were made in Canada or Clydebank.

This also delayed the development of the new Slant-needle machine.

Until we discover that a new after-market Walking Foot has been specifically designed, there are no options available at this time for a Singer 301 (301A) model Sewing Machine.

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