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Rwandan victims are also reportedly exploited in sex trafficking in China.

In previous years, Rwandan victims were exploited in South Africa, Malaysia, the United States, and Europe.

In late 2017, Rwanda hosted some 172,000 refugees, including nearly 46 per cent from the Democratic Republic of Congo hosted in five camps, and 53 per cent from Burundi hosted in Mahama camp and urban areas.

The rate of people arriving from Burundi has decreased since the outbreak of political violence in 2015 and the influx into Rwanda is about 150 people per week.

Refugees fleeing conflict and political violence in Burundi and the DRC remained highly vulnerable to trafficking in Rwanda or are subjected to exploitation in third countries after transiting Rwanda.

According to an international organisation, there has been an increase in sex trafficking of Burundian male and female teenagers through Rwanda to third countries since 2015.

Burundian refugee girls transited through Rwanda and were exploited in sex trafficking in Uganda.

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Local human rights groups reported in 2016 that some Rwandan girls in domestic work, who become pregnant and thereby terminated by their employers and unable to return to their home villages, are subsequently exploited in sex trafficking.

Some Rwandan men, women, and children are subjected to sex trafficking in destinations around the world; the primary destinations for Rwandan victims are Uganda, the DRC, and other parts of East Africa.

In 2016, some Rwandan girls were forced into marriages with men in Tanzania and may have experienced commercial sexual exploitation through these marriages.

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