Dating pisces guy


He is in a chase for satisfaction, but it rarely has any value if there is no emotion to follow.

Still, as a man, he might find emotion in each one of his sexual relationships, identifying romantic love with the love for women in general.

This confusion can lead to infidelity, dishonesty, and the constant search for his identity.

One of the biggest challenges for a Pisces man is to stay in an awkward situation without pretending to be something he is not.Every relationship in his life is very different from the previous one, and each one represents an important lesson in love.His spontaneous, changeable nature will make him fly high and live out a romance until there is nothing more in it to be happy about.Unfortunately, this could make him feel lost as he plays a role until he doesn’t know what the truth is anymore.A true Pisces man will have an objective to show love through sex, and he will sometimes choose to do so without a realistic image of his partner’s desires.He is caring, tender and sensitive, a kind of man who nurtures his feminine side and because of this he has the ability to listen, compassionately approach his partner and understand the feelings of everyone around him.

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